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At it’s core, the program was designed to expand upon the Lark Conservatory’s philosophy which aimed to foster a sense of the Armenian Identity within younger generations. To this end, classes were held in Armenian. In our Poetry and Singing classes, we taught our children about our culture and our past. In our Hand Crafts and Painting classes we presented our children to our unique art, scenery and timeless traditions. In our Drama class, our stories, and in our Dance class, our culture.

Taguhi Summer Day Camp is where I met my family. Camper | Class of 2009

Our initial program was so successful that it grew from 40 students in it’s first year, to nearly 200 students in it’s later years–even capturing the interest of non-Armenian Children who signed-up to participate. As a testament to the values we worked tirelessly to instill in our children, having exceeded the age limit this program was initially designed to accommodate, many of our students who previously attended camp year after year wished to give back to the community, just as those who taught them did, and became our first group of volunteer camp counselors.

Taguhi Summer Day Camp is what sparked my interest in learning more about my culture. Camper | Class of 2012

Fast forward to nearly 10 years later, and having graduated from high school and even college, some of our former students still return to give back to the community through their roles as teachers, counselors, camp directors and volunteers to the next generation of Armenian Children.